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Finally a site where we find everything for a 100% Cosmetic routine! Moisturizing creams, beauty oils, essential oils, cold soaps, dry skin care, regulating masks for acne, organic makeup ... The cosmetic site takes care of you and creates these sections just for you. Our site boasts a liberated beauty, lived without diktats or constraints. For us, everyone must be able to live their beauty with pleasure and freedom. This promise is embodied in all that characterizes our website in our offer of products and services.

The best cosmetic tips

Because our desires are not the same with the seasons, because our skin reacts differently in winter or summer, the site offers you in this section tips and tricks adapted to the seasons. Take a quick tour and you will always be in the cosmetic trend! Depending on your skin type, discover the treatments adapted to your skin and your beauty concerns. We have also implemented care steps to optimize the effectiveness of each of your cosmetic products. To discover absolutely! The service of our site is a state of mind, a daily attention and a permanent project.

Products that respect your health

Being the # 1 service: it's our ambition. Benevolent, passionate and good advice, the consultants of the site put their expertise at your disposal. Attentive to your needs, they deliver to each of you personalized advice, thanks to their advanced knowledge of the products and take care to give the customers a unique experience by establishing proximity and conviviality. The cosmetic products presented on this site are those of the winning brands of the Slow Cosmetic Mention. These brands have been congratulated by the Association because they are committed to an ecological, ethical and reasonable beauty. Consume beauty while respecting the environment and your skin, this is where it happens. The Slow Cosmetic experts give you real pros advice for beauty, in all honesty.